9: Breathing For Nervous System Regulation and Emotional Resilience with Michael Roesslein
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In this episode of The Thriving Mama, Dr. Stephanie Davis sits down with Michael Roesslein, a seasoned expert in functional medicine, nervous system regulation, and emotional healing. Michael opens up about his battles with anxiety, depression, and adoption-related trauma. He shares insights into how breathwork and somatic therapies paved the way for his healing. Dive deep into the significance of addressing trauma for holistic health, and discover how breathing techniques can dramatically shift your mental state, from panic attacks to calm in moments. Learn from Michael’s transformative journey and gain actionable advice on incorporating these practices into your daily life for enhanced health and well-being.

Michael Roesslein is a producer, speaker, and facilitator with over 15 years of experience in the health & wellness industry. In 2018, lifelong challenges with severe depression and anxiety forced Michael to shift his personal and professional focus towards deeper layers of healing and advanced training in nervous system regulation, emotional healing, meditation, trauma-focused breathwork, and other somatic therapies. He has now completed training at the Luminous Awareness Institute, Dr. Gabor Mate's Compassionate Inquiry program, and the 400-hour practitioner training in BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release. In the spring of 2024, Michael is opening Anima Somatic Self Discovery - where he will offer private sessions, small groups, workshops, and retreats focused on deep healing & transformation.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • The importance of breathwork in managing stress and anxiety
  • The role of trauma in health and wellness routines
  • Benefits and risks of various breathwork techniques
  • The intersection of mental health, addiction, and physical health
  • Holistic approaches to healing and personal transformation


04:25 Struggles with mental health, self-medication and self-destruction.

15:04 Our awareness of trauma is an evolving experience.

18:33 Somatic work and breathwork supports one's healing journey.

25:25 The use of breath to process emotions effectively.

42:11 Prayer, meditation, calming breath in spirituality is essential.

Guest Socials:

Michael Roesslein | Website

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