8: 3 Benefits of Setting Intentions for a Thriving Mama Life
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In today's transformative episode of The Thriving Mama, host Stephanie opens up about her struggle with consistency in fitness—and how the simplicity of setting an intention resulted in life-changing momentum. Stephanie delves into the potent power of intention setting, the tangible benefits it can reap, and how it can turn chaos into aligned focus in your daily life. Whether you're looking to reignite your workout routine or find balance in motherhood, Stephanie's journey and insights are sure to inspire. Tune in to discover how mindful mornings can pave the path toward thriving as a mom.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Stephanie's fitness journey and motherhood challenges
  • Overcoming health issues with the use of consistency
  • Setting intentions for daily wellness success and motivation
  • Establishing a daily routine for mindful, intentional mornings
  • Embracing resilience through positive mindset shifts


08:07 Efficient self-care strategies that help one to thrive in life.

10:15 Setting intentions involves mindset, action alignment and practices.

15:21 Setting clear intentions reduces stress and empowers our actions.

18:16 Start with small goals to achieve more over time.

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