5: Could Trauma Be Affecting Your Ability To Be A Good Mom?
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Get ready for an intimate and transformative episode of The Thriving Mama with Dr. Stephanie Davis. This solo episode dives into the depths of trauma, both visible and hidden. Journey with Stephanie as she uncovers the roots of her recent emotional cascade, linking it to generational trauma and everyday triggers. Discover powerful insights on how past pains shape our present selves and learn practices for healing, such as the creation of a "freedom list." Whether you're touched by trauma or seeking a deeper understanding, this episode offers tools for forgiveness, gratitude, and reclaiming your inner strength.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Understanding and identifying trauma triggers
  • The impacts of generational trauma
  • The power of forgiveness in healing
  • The influence of trauma on subconscious programming
  • Gratitude as a tool for overcoming trauma


07:04 How trauma impacts daily life in subtle ways.

11:52 Emotional regulation and the feeling of control in one's life.

13:06 Multiple tragic deaths that led to big epiphanies in life.

16:21 Awareness leading to starting work on trauma therapy, methodologies.

21:26 Consciously practice gratitude throughout your day and nightly.

24:13 Starting a forgiveness process through acknowledging and forgiving.

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