3: Why Your Husband Needs To Be Your Rock After Having a Baby with Alexander Om
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On this episode of The Thriving Mama, join host Stephanie Davis as she welcomes Alexander Om, a new father embracing the sacred journey of parenthood. Dive deep into a discussion about the transformational power of birth, the role of fathers in creating a nurturing environment, and the importance of self-care in the postpartum period. Discover how Alexander balances the responsibilities of fatherhood with his wife's fulfillment, and learn why co-sleeping and community support are pivotal for thriving in motherhood.

Alexander is a storyteller, a community leader, and a coach of consciousness and business.

He is on a mission to connect the leaders of “The New Earth”, helping them to remember their purposes and bring those gifts to life in a tangible way that helps us all heal and evolve.

Over the past 10 years, he has directly helped over 500 entrepreneurs grow and expand through his private coaching practice, as a Partner in the Soulful Sales Company and by hosting epic international retreats.

Alexander is bringing his message to life as a writer, photographer, and speaker. He believes that everyone is here on purpose and that by approaching our life through the lens of consciousness, we can remember our divine wisdom, heal at a deeper level, and create true miracles in our lives, our businesses in the here and now.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Birth experience likened to plant medicine ceremony
  • Father's role during the birthing process
  • Embracing co-sleeping for improved family sleep cycles
  • Navigating postpartum with intentional self-care
  • Integrating masculine archetypes in parenthood


05:50 Having a child brings unpredictable and permanent changes.

09:19 Excitement about purging and morning sickness.

10:06 Appreciation for journey, preparation, and adaptation.

20:46 The suggestion of co-sleeping to provide comfort and closeness for baby and mom.

24:41 Balancing work, family, and personal time.

25:15 Parenthood brings a unique and lasting perspective.

33:30 Choosing fatherhood is not a burden.

34:53 Reflection on masculine identity through shared experience.

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Alexander Om | Instagram

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