12: Reframing and Reducing Mom Guilt with Dr. Sarah Wittry, MD
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Get ready for a special episode of The Thriving Mama as host Dr. Stephanie Davis sits down with Dr. Sarah Wittry, a physician and mom of four, to tackle the complexities of mom guilt. From balancing multiple roles, societal expectations and the importance of self-awareness and shifting beliefs, this conversation dives into the heart of modern motherhood. Discover practical tips for emotional regulation, the power of an intentional support system, and exercises to help you reconnect with your true self.

Dr. Sarah Wittry is a full-time hospice and palliative medicine physician, wife and mom of four living in Columbus, Ohio. She’s been through infertility and IVF, is a foster-adoptive mom, and has had many personal challenges with anxiety and burnout. Seeing a coach and learning about nervous system regulation changed Sarah's life, which led her to start her own coaching practice. Now she helps moms who work in the medical field to shift from overwhelm, frustration and feeling inadequate to finding sustainable energy, passion, and connection with themselves.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Self-reflective practices to help moms prioritize themselves
  • Explanations of different emotional landscapes
  • Internal vs. external expectations and strategies to reduce guilt
  • The importance of communal support for moms
  • Tools for defining core feelings and activities


09:40 Resonating with chaos and loss of control.

12:02 The pressure women can feel from societal conditioning.

15:28 Prioritize self-care and avoid unnecessary comparisons.

19:10 The misconceptions of being a stay-at-home mom.

22:40 Changing external circumstances won't fix internal issues.

24:04 The importance of boundaries, self-care, and introspection.

28:09 Losing oneself in life transitions is especially common for women.

29:44 An exercise to identify desired emotions and integrating them into daily life.

35:13 Mom guilt can be alleviated with honest communication and support from others.

41:42 Recognizing, understanding, and regulating your emotions and state.

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