10: How to Thrive as a Mom in Healing Profession Without the Burnout with Dr. Joni Francisco
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Join us on The Thriving Mama, where host Dr. Stephanie Davis and Dr. Joni Francisco unpack the profound effects of the subconscious mind on our well-being. Learn practical strategies for intentional living and self-care to combat burnout. Discover how embracing forgiveness and past traumas can lead to profound healing and productivity. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to enhance their physical and spiritual health. Don't miss these empowering insights to help you thrive personally and professionally!

Dr. Joni Francisco is the owner of FLOW With Dr. Joni. She helps clients translate the messages their body sends them so they can truly find the root cause and heal. Her signature FLOW Method program is carefully curated to teach helpers and healers how to move the energy blocks and drains from their bodies and businesses. Then they can show up consistently for their clients, families and life, all while building abundance and FLOW. Dr. Joni enjoys living at the beautiful Priest Lake where she sees clients in person at her Priest Lake and Sandpoint Offices. She also loves being able to connect and help people across the nation with her virtual programming. She is building a community of connected helpers and healers wanting to find more Abundance and FLOW in their lives and businesses.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • The impact of the subconscious mind on daily behaviour
  • The importance of energy management and protection
  • Holistic approaches to physical and spiritual well-being
  • The challenges of burnout in motherhood and healing professions
  • Resisting conventional healing methods while embracing holistic methods


06:24 Realizing the importance of healthy eating habits.

15:50 Referring clients to specialists and embracing self-care.

21:12 Committing to consistent fitness for family's health.

30:29 Gratitude and forgiveness practices can shift biochemistry.

36:00 Understanding how the subconscious shapes life and empowers change.

40:20 Embracing intentional actions leads to personal growth.

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